Game Theory



Table of Contents

Game Theory

Three Features of a Game

Two Types of Games

Assumptions in Game Theory

Mormal (Strategic) Form of a Game

Extensive Form of a Game


The Merger Game

The Senate Race Game

First Mover Advantage

Bargaining Games

Alternating Offers Bargaining Game

Strategy Types

Dominant and Dominated Strategies

Nash Equilibrium

Battle of the Networks

Battle of the Networks II

Price War

Prisoners Dilemma

Prisoners Dilemma: Applications

Additional Features of a Game

Battle of the Sexes

Variable Sum Games

Cournot Competition (Duopoly)

Reaction Functions (Duopoly)

The Left-Turn Game

The Tennis Game

The Tennis Game (Mixed Strategy)

Tennis Game (Best Response Functions)

The Market Entry Game

The Market Entry Game: Signalling

Ice Cream on the Beach

Ice Cream on the Beach II

Politics: Two Parties

Two Parties (Extreme Preferences)

Market Games

Market Game (Best Response Functions)

Chicken Game

Speeding Game

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